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NOTICE: Hummingbird will be closing at 3PM on Friday, June 3 for an all-company gathering. Our storefront, warehouse and office will all be closed. Thank you!

Huntons' Farm, a third generation family farm, was started in 1952 and encompasses 2,700 acres in all, a combination of land owned by the family and leased from nearby landlords located southwest of Junction City, Oregon. In 2011 the Huntons teamed up Hummingbird Wholesale, to open Camas Country Mill, the first grist mill to operate in the Willamette Valley in nearly eighty years. This is our story.

Video by Katherine Williams. See more on our YouTube page.

Important GMO News

Hummingbird Wholesale supports all efforts to require labeling of GMO foods. We believe in transparency as a business practice, especially when it comes to food products that have such an impact on our health and well being. We support every individual's right to make an informed choice for themselves regarding what to feed their families. Please join us by liking Oregon Right to Know on Facebook, or visit their website to learn more, contribute and /or volunteer.

Hummingbird Supports Slow Food

Searching the web for a source of high quality organic bulk foods with good ethics and customer service? You have landed in the right place! Hummingbird Wholesale is a full service wholesale distributor that incorporates humanity into the business relationship. We choose our products carefully, considering the sustainability of farming practices, nutritional value, and special dietary needs. We buy local and directly from the farmers whenever possible. Like the Hummingbird, we seek to sip the nectar of the earth without harming the flower. We invite you to join us; browse our product line and you'll agree, the nectar is sweet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a wholesale distribution company that serves businesses along the I-5 corridor between Bellingham, WA and San Francisco, CA, select coastal towns along the Oregon Coast and select towns in the Bend, OR area. We do not have a shipping department. We only provide our products to businesses in our servicing area that are using our products for business related purposes. For more information, consult our FAQ.

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Read the recent Mother Earth News article on Buying Clubs (in which we're listed as a resource).

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