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Organic foods sourced with integrity; we deliver from Bellingham, WA to San Francisco,
including the central Oregon coast and Bend.

This video is about Hummingbird Wholesale's local bicycle delivery program. Last year we delivered over 300,000 lbs of food by bike!

Video by Katherine Williams. See more on our YouTube page.

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Sustainability Report

We have been collecting and analyzing data for the Sustainable Food Trade Association's annual report since 2009. Since 2015, we have been turning our data into a beautiful public report, allowing us the ability to share our programs, improvements, progress and goals from the past year with our community.

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Sip the Nectar Without Harming the Flower™

Hummingbird Wholesale is a family-owned Organic food distributor that incorporates humanity into the business relationship. We choose our products carefully, considering the sustainability of farming practices, ingredients, and nutritional value. We contract with regional farmers for a variety of crops, distribute a set of Hummingbird and other handpicked grocery products, and source Organic staple ingredients.

Hummingbird Wholesale serves people and, like the Hummingbird, seeks to sip the nectar without harming the flower.

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If you have a business located in the Pacific Northwest, apply for an account today. Most applications get approved within 2 business days.

Please contact our Customer Service and Sales team for information on wholesale prices and deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a wholesale distribution company that serves businesses along the I-5 corridor between Bellingham, WA and San Francisco, CA, select coastal towns along the Oregon Coast and select towns in the Bend, OR area. We do not have a shipping department. We only provide our products to businesses in our servicing area that are using our products for business related purposes. For more information, consult our FAQ.

Information on Buying Clubs

Click here to learn more about our Buying Club program.

Read the recent Mother Earth News article on Buying Clubs (in which we're listed as a resource).

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