Almonds, Organic, water-pasteurized

Our Organic Almonds are grown in California and are the Nonpareil variety.

Almonds are one of just a few nuts that are alkaline. They are delicious and nutritious in trail mix, almond brittle, nut milk, and any recipe calling for raw almonds.

These whole almonds are pasteurized in dry steam at 213 °F for 35 seconds. Testing by both an independent lab and Hummingbird staff indicated that these almonds will still sprout. We have even grown seedlings! (See article below.)

Article from Humming Words, Summer-Fall 2011 issue, written by a Hummingbird co-worker:

“This spring I took home a few handfuls of our Organic Pasteurized Almonds to see if they would grow into trees. The FDA considers pasteurized almonds raw, and we are told that the steam pasteurization used by our organic farmers doesn't reach the core, but we wanted to have definitive proof.

“Even though growing almond trees from seed is considered a difficult and tricky thing to do, it's happening— using our shelled pasteurized organic almonds!

“With regard to percent of sprouting success, an estimate would be over 90%, as virtually all of the almonds sprouted with actual “tails.” I only saw a couple of almonds without this evidence of growth. Sprouting them entailed soaking and keeping moist in the fridge and free from mold for several weeks.

“Following directions for growing almonds from seed (found online), once they sprouted I split them open, planted them in soil and set them under a grow light. Due to my inexperience and absences (traveling for work), lack of refrigerator space, and not always following the directions precisely, I lost most of the original sprouted almonds to over-watering and mold.

“I started the sprouting process in April, 2011, and as of July 26th there are six small trees; the largest is about 8 inches in height. I am continually amazed by the miracle of growing things!

“This experiment was not done to condone pasteurization. We at Hummingbird Wholesale wholeheartedly disagree with the mandate to pasteurize California almonds. Yet we are also committed to our organic growers who have been supplying us with excellent almonds for nearly 20 years. These two farmers have taken a huge financial hit due to the mandate (since many of their customers are now buying unpasteurized almonds from abroad).

“We wanted to have proof that our Organic Pasteurized Almonds were living nuts, so our customers could pass this information on to their raw food customers. As long as pasteurization is required by law, we're glad to see this proof of viability.”

Origin California
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
BAG-N118 8 oz bag 1.00 pkg


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