Chocolate Bar, Gaba Baba, Yes CaCao

net wt 25g per bar

Yes Cacao's Gaba Gaba bar is a dark chocolate with nut buttery tones and wild berry notes. Finishes on a subtle mocha.

From Yes CaCao:

Of the Yes CaCao bars, the Gaba Baba tastes the most like traditional chocolate. The intention of this bar is to bring relaxation, breath, and a return to your mind's natural rhythms.

GABA, the namesake of this bar, plays an important role in the brain, balancing melatonin and serotonin. After a restful sleep, or a deep meditation, or a restorative yoga class, the mind has had an opportunity to build its natural store of GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid). An abundance of this substance helps to keep the mind out of the "fight-or-flight" survivalist thought patterns; when abused on day-to-day frequency, this causes stress and cortisol release.

RELAX! Make a Wish! Take a Bite!

Savor the natural meditative state of your true nature. GABA for this chocolate is cultivated from a tea sourced in Taiwan, on an organic farm. The Kava Kava in this bar is wild-harvest sourced in the Pacific Islands, functioning to unwind the mind's attachment to judgement, and the body's need to hold on. The result is a socially lubricated, verbally optimized you!

The Gaba Baba Botanical Chocolate Bar cuts through the monkey mind like butter. This formula also highlights the Blue Lotus, a night-blooming lily that is revered in both Egyptian and Mayan antiquity. There is an ancient Egyptian deity named Nefretem who is always depicted with a Blue Lotus atop his head. He is the gatekeeper between dream and waking.

This bar is created to unwind your subtle intensities. Enjoy and explore.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao‡^, Lucuma‡, Coconut Palm Sugar‡, Sundried Cane Juice Crystals‡, Kava‡^, GABA Oolong‡, Vanilla Bean‡, Turmeric‡", Coriander‡, Blue Lotus Spagyric", Himalayan Salt^

‡Organic, ^Wild, "Therapeutic Grade

Origin California
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic Ingredients
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