Chocolate Bar, Dirty Chocolate, Yes CaCao

net weight 25 grams per bar

Yes Cacao's Dirty Botanical Chocolate Bar has notes of peppermint and fennel with a sweet earthy density. Several layers reveal hints of coffee and pinot noir.

From Yes CaCao:

As the original chocolate bar of Yes CaCao, Dirty Chocolate has the King (shilajit) and the Queen (tulsi) of Ayurvedic medicine. We believe balance extends through gender alchemy.

Shilajit is harvested from the legendary Himalayan Mountains and is said to contain 85 minerals, fulvic, and humic acid. It is translated to “The conqueror of mountains, destroyer of weakness”. Shilajit is known to pull toxins out of fat cells and flush them from the body.

Tulsi functions similarly to an "anti-anxiety" herb, calming the nerves and gently opening the body to adapt to the naturally occurring changes of life.

Reishi, also called The Immortal Mushroom or Lingzhi, strengthens the immune system and opens the “shen” energy, similar to the crown chakra, allowing a flow of intuition and calm mind agility.

Gynostemma, "jiaogulan", or "miracle grass", which is considered an adaptogen and a delicious tea.

Maca, harvested in Peru at an elevation of 14,000 ft., is one of the more popular superfoods. Accounts describe an experience of endurance and a healthy sexual appetite. It is considered by enthusiasts (like us), to be hormone balancing, adaptogenic, and fueling for purpose.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao‡^, Coconut Palm Sugar‡, Sundried Cane Sugar‡, Lucuma‡, Maca‡, Mesquite‡, Reishi‡, Vanilla Bean‡, Shilajit^, Tulsi‡, Gynostemma‡, Himalayan Salt^, Fennel‡", Peppermint‡"

‡Organic, ^Wild, "Therapeutic Grade

Origin California
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic Ingredients
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