Popcorn, Dakota Black, Heirloom, Local

Kasey White and Jeff Broadie from Lonesome Whistle Farm grow our exceptional 3rd year Transitional Dakota Black Heirloom Popcorn in Junction City, Oregon.

Advocates of local food security and re-localization, these exemplary farmers offer heirloom beans and grains at farmers markets and through their small CSA. Popcorn is a low calorie, whole grain snack loaded with fiber that can be enjoyed alone or as a means for exploring a variety of added-on favors.

Our Black Heirloom Popcorn tends to yield elegant black and white color kernels when popped and has a crunchy corn taste. Delicious alternative ways to enjoy it is with a light coating of virgin coconut oil sprinkled with organic nutritional yeast. Or add herbs (basil, rosemary, or tarragon) with a spray of tamari.

Origin Junction City, OR
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Locally Grown, Transitional
Available Not Available:
This product is no longer available. Please try our CA OG Mutli-Color Popcorn instead, Item #G167.


Item # Package Size
G120-5# 5 lb bag 5.00 lbs

Availability Note: This product is no longer available.


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