Alfalfa Sprouting Seed

Grown on an Organic farm in Idaho, these alfalfa sprouts have a mild flavor and are easy to grow. Packed with 35% protein and high in antioxidants, Alfalfa sprouts are a nutritious addition to salads and sandwiches.

To sprout alfalfa seeds:

  1. Soak seeds in jar of water for 8-12 hours; cover with cheese cloth and secure with rubber band.

  2. Rinse the seeds 2-3 times per day for 5-6 days. Drain well after rinsing. (Try setting the jar on its side or tipped into a bowl.) Store away from direct sunlight.

  3. One Tablespoon of Alfalfa Seed yields about 1.5 cups of sprouts.

Origin Idaho
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
Available Not Available:
We are now offering OG Alfalfa Sprouting Seed from Oregon; please see item# SD100


Item # Package Size
SD101-5# 5 lb bag 5.00 lbs

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SD101 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs

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