Black Olives, Pitted, OG Practices

These olives are grown using Organic methods with no conventional herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. The growers chose not to add the expense of becoming a Certified Organic orchard because they have no available Organic processor. (When Organic food is processed at a non-Organic facility, the Organic status is lost.)

Canned black olives are picked green, and then have oxygen bubbled around them to encourage blackening. No ferrous sulfate nor ferrous gluconate is added during the processing, which is why the olives are not a shiny black.

Great for processors or salad bars. Not labeled for retail re-sale: no labels on cans, no bar code.

Ingredients: Pitted Ripe Olives, Water, Salt (may contain pit fragments)

Origin USA
Raw No
Sustainability Designation
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
F280 51 oz. can, no label 1.00 pkg
F280-6 case of 6 x 51 oz can, no label 6.00 pkgs


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