Bean, Cranberry, LOCAL

A local legume grown just west of Eugene in Elmira, Oregon!

These beans are used in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Cranberry beans are plump and pale pink with maroon markings.

They have an appealing sweet, mild flavor and are a hearty addition to soup, salads, pasta dishes, and casseroles.

Cooking Directions: Rinse and sort through beans; soak overnight in cold water. Drain and cover with water by 4 inches. Add kombu seaweed if desired (optional; helps with digestibility). Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and begin checking for softness at 15-20 minutes.

Origin Elmira, Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Locally Grown, Organic
Available Not Available:
Small crop, please check back! We do however have organic cranberry beans from Washington, Item #L179


Item # Package Size
L180 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs

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