Who do you distribute to?

We are a wholesale distribution company, distributing to businesses along the I-5 corridor between Bellingham, WA and San Francisco, CA. We also distribute to select towns along the Oregon Coast and around Bend, OR.

What do you consider a business?

A business includes stores, restaurants, manufacturers and buying clubs that use our products for business related purposes. We sell exclusively to businesses within our region.

How does your delivery work?

In Eugene and Springfield we deliver by our cargo bike or small truck. Between Bellingham and San Francisco, along the I-5 corridor, we offer weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Along the coast and east of the Cascades, we work with trusted third-party delivery services to bring you reliable, regular deliveries.

Do you have a minimum order requirement for delivery?

Yes. Minimum order amounts vary depending on your location so please contact us for more information.

Can I pick up my order in Eugene?

Yes. We offer a full-service pick-up option for customers with business accounts. To pick up your order visit our storefront Monday-Friday from 8am—4pm.

Can you ship my order via UPS/Fedex/USPS/etc?

We do not ship as we are not a big enough company to have a shipping department, yet. We deliver by either our cargo bike, one of our trucks, a third party carrier, or you can use our pick-up option.

I really want to buy from you, but I don’t have a business!

If you are in or near Eugene, you can visit our Storefront. The Storefront is our retail space you can visit Monday-Friday from 8am—4pm. There are no minimum orders and you may be eligible for discounts.

My business is not in your region, what can I do?

Although we are terribly sorry we are unable to serve you at this point in time, we do recommend checking out the following resources:

foodhub.org—Online Marketplace to Connect Buyers with Distributors
homegrown.org—Farm Aid Created this Website to Connect to the Land and to Each Other!
coopdirectory.org—Coop and Buying Club Resource
foodclub.org—Buying Club Resource
honeylocator.com—USA Honey Directory


For questions or to order by phone, call us: (541) 686-0921